Started From the Batter, Now We're Here.

28 January, 2016
I know. I know. The title and the song I'm telling you to listen while reading this post don't match, but I felt I needed to up my Drake game a bit. Plus, now every time I think of Drake, I picture him doing his little "dance" [] over and over again. It brings me a LOT of joy. I also love the SNL parody of it [] but that's not really relevant. First off, HAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY! I was not aware that this was an

An Ode to Chai

25 January, 2016
There are some days where all you want to do is vegetate on your couch with your stuffed penguin, some Netflix and chai. Today is one of those days. For the days of exhaust. For the days of woe. For the days of rain And those few in a row.The magical potion, Which may many amaze, Simple preparation, Powerful result. A hint of ginger, A drop of milk, A spoonful of sugar, And sore throat no more. What magical mystical wonder is this? Oh? You didn't you hear? Just some simple and plain and reg

Netflix and Chilaquiles

20 January, 2016
This Christmas vacation, Anagha and I were reunited for the first time in almost a year. There are many phases of a best friend reunion, according to this buzzfeed article []. Pretty much every single thing in that article happened, except in our friendship instead of drinking our weight in wine, we cook. And eat. A LOT OF FOOD I'm pretty sure Anagha spent 50% of her time at my place and the other 50% at her own par

The only thing weird would be if someone didn't like Mexican food, because I'm making FAJITAS!!

14 January, 2016
We all love Ross. Despite his many divorces and nerdy dinosaur quirks, Dr. Gellar (no not that kind of doctor) was one of my favorite characters on Friends. Every time I make fajitas I remember Ross absolutely "NOT" being weird about Joey and Rachel starting to go out. One of the most classic Ross moments on the show. I was in India when Netflix released all ten seasons of Friends. ALL. TEN. SEASONS. EASILY. ACCESSIBLE. ON. THE. INTERNET. This was huge. I can't even begin to count the endle

Estoy Cantando

06 January, 2016
Anyone who has had the honor of being in my presence this week knows that I've been playing one song on repeat. One song. All week. Why you may ask? DUH...BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING. (Now's when you play this song and dance along while finishing to read this post.) My brother was visiting me for a week and I quickly realized 1) apparently no one comes to work during the holidays in my office, meaning sub-par lunches and dinners all week and 2) I hadn't done groceries in weeks, meaning I didn't ha

Hello and welcome!

We're Sumu & Anu.

We've known each other pretty much forever, and this blog is our way of documenting our culinary exploits, and some non-culinary exploits as well. We're not always on the same page, or in the same state, or even on the same continent, but two things are generally true:

At least one of us is not paying attention

At least one of us is wearing her pajamas