Is "butter" a carb?

17 November, 2014
Sumu and I have been rescheduling taco day for weeks. We had a grand plan to make eight different kinds of tacos, with a wild assortment of toppings, for all the people we knew. We invited friends, looked up taco recipes with abandon, and prepared our stomachs by eating as much avocado as possible. Then gradually, all our friends realized they had lives, and we had contemplated the plan for so long that it no longer seemed appealing. In the manner of gifts that you were supposed to “grow into,

Squash Galore

10 November, 2014
So recently my mom bought various different types of squash. We had spagetti squash, acorn squash and some other types I honestly have no idea what they are called. Originally they had all just been sliced in half and used as decorative bowl for a lunch party my mom threw. But unfortunately, that resulted in tons and tons of leftover squash. I decided to attempt to make use of them. First, I made an "alfredo" penne pasta. Here's the recipe for reference. I did make a few adjustments partially

The Perfect Fall Soup

As leaves turn crunchy on sidewalks and the wind blows colder, I (Anu) get a craving for soup. It’s part of fall. I don’t go for pumpkin everything, but as soon as fall starts, I pull out boots, sweaters, and the ingredients for soup. The thing is, Sumu won’t drink soup unless it’s pho, whereas I will drink any soup you put before me, so this was a bit of a solo adventure. I made this soup while bugging Sumu with text after text regarding my soup adventure. She continued to inform me that she d

Sushi Go-Round

14 October, 2014
When we were little, we didn’t totally get along a hundred percent of the time. And when we did, we were usually playing on my original Nintendo 64. I only had two games that really interested us – a Winnie the Pooh game and Pokémon Stadium, and we were obsessed with the mini-games on Pokémon Stadium; we used to play them over and over, trying our best to beat the other out. One of the games featured a bunch of Lickatungs swiping sushi off of a rotating table with their gigantic and hilari

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