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Creamy Boozy Pasta Yumminess
2 min read

12 February, 2019
Press play! So recently I've been obsessing over making mushroom white wine sauces. I've made it multiple times and it's never come out the same... this might be because I am notoriously bad at remembering the exact recipe I used to make a dish and I tend to improvise A LOT. I may be bad at following instructions, but hey... Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected :) Or as Pinterest has so accurately told me: > The best things in life either make you fat, drunk or pregnant - A w

Making Anerica Great Again
3 min read

10 August, 2016
I can take 0 credit for this post title because my friend Aneri themes her birthday based off of all the puns she can make with her own name. This year with all the ruckus that ever entertaining Donald Trump has caused, it only felt right to have her birthday be "Make Anerica Great Again." PSA: Please do your research before this election season :) Also... I HAD to include the video for this song because 1) Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and 2) it's so damn catchy that it's become my new obsession

A Quick Recipe Fix (Numero Uno)
2 min read

11 April, 2016
So I haven't been cooking much lately, but I have been reading a ton of recipes for when I get my life back post-finals! So, I'm starting a new feature! The "Quick Recipe Fix" - your dose of some of my favorite recipes that I've found on the interwebs. Enjoy the recipes, and cut me some slack, internet. I've been busy :) 1.) Love and Lemons is one of my favorite food blogs; they have gorgeous pictures, and I love their fresh approach to food. They have a cookbook out right now that everyone

Wasted away again in Margaritaville, Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
3 min read

23 February, 2016
Happy National Margarita Day!!! Bet you didn't know that was a thing! Well now you do so you're welcome. In case you weren't aware... Jimmy Buffett actually had a cameo in Jurassic World last year. Of course he was one of the people escaping the pterodactyls. But of course, in true Margaritaville fashion, he makes sure to grab BOTH of his margaritas before making a run for it. This man is a hero. He clearly knows what today is about. If you haven't already, definitely play the song I linke

Started From the Batter, Now We're Here.
5 min read

28 January, 2016
I know. I know. The title and the song I'm telling you to listen while reading this post don't match, but I felt I needed to up my Drake game a bit. Plus, now every time I think of Drake, I picture him doing his little "dance" [] over and over again. It brings me a LOT of joy. I also love the SNL parody of it [] but that's not really relevant. First off, HAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY! I was not aware that this was an

Dirty Girls Scouts ;)
5 min read

15 July, 2015
Since I'm starting to like theming my blog posts to songs, enjoy. Let's be honest... Anytime anyone sees their local Girl Scouts at the grocery store, they start drooling and daydreaming of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoa's, and Do-si-Dos. Girl Scout cookies are some of my favorite type of cookies in the world. While I may mainly be a fan of the plain shortbread cookies, Trefoils. Thin mints and Samoa's are America's two favorites. While plunging into the depths of Pinterest one day, I found a

Did you fall for a shooting star?
1 min read

21 April, 2015
Anyone who knows me, knows I'm obsessed with a wine called "Drops of Jupiter." And why not?! One of my favorite bands, Train, partnered with a California winery to make a line of wines named after some of their most famous songs! What could be better than that! This was a great wine for me and my friends, especially because we all have different preferences when it comes to wine. I prefer a really deep spicy red, whereas most of my friends like drier whites or dessert wines. Surprisingly, thi

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