Making Anerica Great Again
3 min read

10 August, 2016
I can take 0 credit for this post title because my friend Aneri themes her birthday based off of all the puns she can make with her own name. This year with all the ruckus that ever entertaining Donald Trump has caused, it only felt right to have her birthday be "Make Anerica Great Again." PSA: Please do your research before this election season :) Also... I HAD to include the video for this song because 1) Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and 2) it's so damn catchy that it's become my new obsession

Teeny Weenie Itsy Bitsy Cinni Minis
1 min read

20 April, 2016
I know I know this week I'm kind of skimping out! I have been rushing to get my week's work done by yesterday so that I can be ready to fully enjoy Coachella this year! I am currently on my way there and unbelievably excited! I will report back next week with all the food and excitement! I had made these Cinnamon buns a while back when I used to make treats for my coworkers (unfortunately it's been some time since I've done that). I didn't really experiment too much, more or less made the recip

It’s Summertime Somewhere - Coconut Berry Ice Cream
2 min read

22 February, 2016
This recipe went wrong several different ways. The ice cream maker bowl wouldn't freeze, even after 48 hours in the freezer. And then the ice cream itself failed to freeze after eight hours in the freezer. It was still delicious, but delicious with the consistency of soft serve, rather than hard ice cream. Basically, I made fro yo. With strawberries! Enjoy. Title At some point, ice cream became designated as a summer treat - and I say, down with the discrimination! We should be free to hav

This Shit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S
3 min read

18 February, 2016
I konw this post can't come close to as sweet as the one Anagha wrote this week. But I pinky promise, in addition to making up for last weeks missing post, I will also make up for Valentine's day. I know, I know... lots of promises but you don't mess with pinky promises! You knew this song was coming... don't lie. Just relish in the throwback and ketchup on some food blog reading ;) Since this past weekend was the SUPERBOWL I had this whole great plan on how I was going to post about what I ma

Started From the Batter, Now We're Here.
5 min read

28 January, 2016
I know. I know. The title and the song I'm telling you to listen while reading this post don't match, but I felt I needed to up my Drake game a bit. Plus, now every time I think of Drake, I picture him doing his little "dance" [] over and over again. It brings me a LOT of joy. I also love the SNL parody of it [] but that's not really relevant. First off, HAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY! I was not aware that this was an

Sweet Potato Pie
4 min read

25 January, 2016
I made some sweet potato pie today. This was my second time making this dessert, and I made it in a more or less similar way. The first time I made it, I bragged to my housemate, and he asked me if my making a sweet potato pie was cultural appropriation, and I had no idea, because I had no idea sweet potato pie was a thing that black people did. To be honest, I thought it was an all-American thing (immigrant probs, amirite?) So I researched - and I found out that historically, sweet potato p

Vegan Love Triangles
5 min read

18 January, 2016
When I was making these pastries and trying to find a name for them, I kept drawing a blank. They weren't tarts, they weren't REALLY puff pastry either, and I couldn't figure out what to call them. And then, as I was talking to a friend about it, we got into a conversation about euphemisms, and the ones we both favor. Hot box got thrown around a bit, but then we hit on the perfect name. Visually accurate (the pastries are triangles) and a little silly. Love Triangles. And look, I know it say

What to do when you have the World's Supply of Granola at your Disposal
2 min read

08 October, 2015
About a week ago we had a parfait event at work to raise awareness about Women in Tech. A lot of people attended and learned a lot about what Box is doing to improve the gender disparity in tech. Sadly, we overestimated how much granola we needed and ended up with 2 GIANT bowls of granola left over. In my head, it seemed like I could bake those into some variety of oatmeal cookies and breakfast bars and be done with it. No matter how much granola I used, it seemed like it was never going to e

Gettin' your morning BUZZ
2 min read

17 July, 2015
To be completely honest... this song isn't quite perfect for this post but it was the first one that came to mind for this post. Enjoy :P And no, in case you were wondering... I didn't spike these coffee cupcakes with cocaine. So, I'm not sure how many of you know this but coffee cake doesn't ACTUALLY have any coffee in it... I KNOW! I was just as disappointed as you are right now. Despite these cakes being a COMPLETE and utter lie, I love them down to the very last crumb. Deceit aside, th

Dirty Girls Scouts ;)
5 min read

15 July, 2015
Since I'm starting to like theming my blog posts to songs, enjoy. Let's be honest... Anytime anyone sees their local Girl Scouts at the grocery store, they start drooling and daydreaming of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoa's, and Do-si-Dos. Girl Scout cookies are some of my favorite type of cookies in the world. While I may mainly be a fan of the plain shortbread cookies, Trefoils. Thin mints and Samoa's are America's two favorites. While plunging into the depths of Pinterest one day, I found a

3 min read

15 July, 2015
So if you hadn't already seen, I EPICALLY failed at making macarons this past weekend. This just made me all the more determined to get them right. And so began the journey to successfully make this adorable French delicacy. Trial 2 As you can tell by the song, I FINALLY DID IT! **pats self on back** Well better at least! :P Turns out all I did wrong was not be patient enough and fail at making the meringue. If I had beaten the eggs longer to a more frothy froth, then the batter would h

Pardon My French, But **** that ****
3 min read

30 June, 2015
So this weekend, I had a grand plan of being all fancy and making macarons. (Yea I looked it up... apparently macarons and macaroons are two VERY different things as this adorable diagram shows) I've honestly never eaten one but I always thought they looked so adorable! And I figured if I made them all blue and yellow then all the better... GO BLUE! I looked at the recipe, saw the ingredients and was confident that this dessert was within my range of baking abilities. In fact, I was SO confi

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