Everyone needs a 'Lil Dicky' in their life

19 July, 2016
So recently it was one of my closest friend's, whom we lovingly call Lil Dicky, birthdays. Can't say she's entirely fond of that nickname, but that's 1/2 the point of nicknames anyways. In that spirit, here's some Lil' Dicky for you to listen to while reading this post. This may be one of my favorite cakes I've made so far. I've realized that I am a BIG BIG fan of chocolate whiskey cakes. The coffee and whiskey that you add in tend to cut the sweetness of the coffee perfectly and only leaves a

Ba-na-na Ba-na-nana Po-ta-tooo Po-ta-to-naaaa

05 May, 2016
K this second post for the week took a bit longer than expected but I finally perfected the pictures so we're good now. YAY Post #2 for the week! And that too, to celebrate one of the nerdiest holidays out there! STAR WARS DAY! All the wonderful puns. Also because this recipe is banana filled, I HAD the little song by the Minions from Despicable Me stuck in my head. So I figured I should share that adorableness and mental torture with you guys. Anyways... after being home sick for an entire

Gettin' your morning BUZZ

17 July, 2015
To be completely honest... this song isn't quite perfect for this post but it was the first one that came to mind for this post. Enjoy :P And no, in case you were wondering... I didn't spike these coffee cupcakes with cocaine. So, I'm not sure how many of you know this but coffee cake doesn't ACTUALLY have any coffee in it... I KNOW! I was just as disappointed as you are right now. Despite these cakes being a COMPLETE and utter lie, I love them down to the very last crumb. Deceit aside, th

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