Use microwaves, not microaggressions!

09 May, 2016
I am something of a potato aficionado. I have eaten far more than my fair share of potato, roasted, baked, chipped, fried, stir fried, mashed - you name it, I have probably tried it. I love potatoes, and today I decided I wanted to eat potatoes for lunch, and this is what I came up with. These are not especially nutritious, but they're not necessarily bad for you either. I would, however, recommend adding a vegetable or something somewhere on the plate. Or you could just eat potatoes for lunc

Spring(roll) has sprung!

03 April, 2016
Hey y'all, we're back! Sorry for the brief and awkward hiatus; it was certainly not our intention, and won't be happening again! Sumu was moving, and I was letting law school rain on my parade. But we're back now! Sumu's all settled into her new apartment in the city, and while law school is still kicking my ass, I've decided to chill out. Law school itself was never the point, and forgetting that is the number one cause of stress for me. So, we're kicking off our triumphant return with a th

Hello and welcome!

We're Sumu & Anu.

We've known each other pretty much forever, and this blog is our way of documenting our culinary exploits, and some non-culinary exploits as well. We're not always on the same page, or in the same state, or even on the same continent, but two things are generally true:

At least one of us is not paying attention

At least one of us is wearing her pajamas