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So recently it was one of my closest friend's, whom we lovingly call Lil Dicky, birthdays. Can't say she's entirely fond of that nickname, but that's 1/2 the point of nicknames anyways. In that spirit, here's some Lil' Dicky for you to listen to while reading this post.

This may be one of my favorite cakes I've made so far. I've realized that I am a BIG BIG fan of chocolate whiskey cakes. The coffee and whiskey that you add in tend to cut the sweetness of the coffee perfectly and only leaves a slight whiskey flavoring. It works perfectly! After scouring the internet and Pinterest for recipes, and making myself extremely hungry in the process, I landed on this glorious monstrosity.

I based my recipe of that cake but made a bunch of modifications to make it more "adult-friendly." Enjoy because we sure did!

Chocolate Whiskey Poke Cake

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This recipe went wrong several different ways. The ice cream maker bowl wouldn't freeze, even after 48 hours in the freezer. And then the ice cream itself failed to freeze after eight hours in the freezer. It was still delicious, but delicious with the consistency of soft serve, rather than hard ice cream.

Basically, I made fro yo. With strawberries! Enjoy.


At some point, ice cream became designated as a summer treat - and I say, down with the discrimination! We should be free to have ice cream all year round! Don't let the ice cream fascists take away your fun.

Yield: I have no idea. A tupperware container full!

Total Time: About one hour of active time, two days of waiting


Ice Cream base

  • 2 Cans Full Fat Coconut Milk
  • 1 Tbls Maple Syrup
  • 1 C Cashews
  • 1 Tbls Cornstarch or Arrowroot Powder
  • Excess Liquid From Jam
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    I made some sweet potato pie today.

    This was my second time making this dessert, and I made it in a more or less similar way.

    The first time I made it, I bragged to my housemate, and he asked me if my making a sweet potato pie was cultural appropriation, and I had no idea, because I had no idea sweet potato pie was a thing that black people did. To be honest, I thought it was an all-American thing (immigrant probs, amirite?) So I researched - and I found out that historically, sweet potato pie was a food slaves made in the south. And I had no idea until I made it and someone else called me out on it!

    Here's the thing about cultural appropriation in food - it happens ALL THE TIME. People love to take foods from other cultures - frequently every day, commonplace foods

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    When I was making these pastries and trying to find a name for them, I kept drawing a blank. They weren't tarts, they weren't REALLY puff pastry either, and I couldn't figure out what to call them. And then, as I was talking to a friend about it, we got into a conversation about euphemisms, and the ones we both favor. Hot box got thrown around a bit, but then we hit on the perfect name. Visually accurate (the pastries are triangles) and a little silly.


    Love Triangles.

    And look, I know it says vegan up there at the top, and I can hear what you're thinking: you don't usually like vegan pastry! It's dry, or it's weird, and are there lentils in there because you heard that vegans put lentils in everything!


    But these pastries don't taste vegan. I think there's this idea that vegan food has to be

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