Cooking In Pajamas


Here's a kinda funky song that I've been super into recently. Listen while you read! :) And yes I know I know my title font doesn't handle tilde's very well... I'll fix that soon.

So at my office we have this concept of GSD; Get Shit Done. Every Tuesday, all engineers have an event on their calendar that'll allow them to hopefully work quietly without any meetings or interruptions. This usually ends up meaning that almost all the engineers work from home that day. So, I'm usually happily working from home in my pajamas on Tuesdays. This ALSO means I tend to bake or cook on Tuesdays because I have more time at home.

This week I decided to make Jalapeño Cheddar Beer Bread! 1) It's cheesy, spicy, and delicious and 2) Turns out beer can replace yeast in a lot of ways, except it does leave it's taste behind... so

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So I don't have a themed song for this week's post BUT I will leave you with my new obsession for the week. I love the original song by Zella Day but this mix is also amazing. Enjoy!

Ever since I was a kid, I was always that weird one who LOVED spinach. All my friends would fight and complain but I would ALWAYS ask for more. I know. I was that kid. I was also that kid who would happily drink a glass of plain milk every day. Anyways... I love spinach. Whenever I used to make omelets for my mom, she used to complain that she could never find the egg because I had overloaded it with so much spinach.

So when I was living alone in Sunnyvale, I decided one week I was going to be super healthy and make meals filled with tons of vegetables. Obviously,

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I'm sure most of y'all have been on a bar crawl - you have a list of bars, and you hit them up one after the other, sipping a little of this and a little of that at each one.

This is similar, but with FOOD. While you are certainly welcome bring booze into the mix, these are instructions for figuring out an all food crawl; it's an excellent way to explore a new city!

It's also a really good way to spend a couple of hours with friends without spending a ton of money; if you're on a budget, this is a great way to try lots of different food, and see quite a bit, without breaking the bank. We each paid for one entree at one place, and it came out perfectly for us!

First, you need a walkable city. I myself did this with my friends Eden

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My brain feels scrambled. I've thrown all sorts of information in there and given it a good shake, and things are tumbling about pretty wildly right now.

Exam season is upon me, and I am not bearing up well under the stress. Just don't ask me how many hot Cheetos I've consumed, because that could get super embarrassing super fast. My food consumption these days in 50% leftovers, 30% eggs, 10% random free food, and 10% cheese, so you could say things are a bit mad right now.

I'm so excited to finish the semester and start cooking again. In the meantime though, I want to leave this recipe I made a bit ago here.

I'd never made tofu scramble before, so there was quite a bit of googling involved. In the end, I came up with a recipe that hit all the right spots, and was healthy to boot!

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So I haven't been cooking much lately, but I have been reading a ton of recipes for when I get my life back post-finals! So, I'm starting a new feature! The "Quick Recipe Fix" - your dose of some of my favorite recipes that I've found on the interwebs.

Enjoy the recipes, and cut me some slack, internet. I've been busy :)

1.) Love and Lemons is one of my favorite food blogs; they have gorgeous pictures, and I love their fresh approach to food. They have a cookbook out right now that everyone should totally get. I'm also waiting for the day when I can try this recipe for Chickpea Flour Pizza Crust because YUM.

2.) Minimalist Baker hits it out of the park every time. They have a real talent for finding fresh, simple recipes with easy (and short!) cleanup! Check out their recipe for Gingery Thai Kale Salad

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