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I can take 0 credit for this post title because my friend Aneri themes her birthday based off of all the puns she can make with her own name. This year with all the ruckus that ever entertaining Donald Trump has caused, it only felt right to have her birthday be "Make Anerica Great Again." PSA: Please do your research before this election season :)

Also... I HAD to include the video for this song because 1) Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and 2) it's so damn catchy that it's become my new obsession.

For this birthday cake, I thought it'd be fun to embody one of a classic drink in the form of a cake.

An Old Fashioned Cake

Not to toot my own horn, but I think this cake may have been the greatest one I've made so far. To be fair... I didn't make the actual cake from scratch.

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I know I know this week I'm kind of skimping out! I have been rushing to get my week's work done by yesterday so that I can be ready to fully enjoy Coachella this year! I am currently on my way there and unbelievably excited! I will report back next week with all the food and excitement!

I had made these Cinnamon buns a while back when I used to make treats for my coworkers (unfortunately it's been some time since I've done that). I didn't really experiment too much, more or less made the recipe verbatim. I found this recipe for simple and quick whole wheat mini cinnamon buns.

My chief complaint with this recipe is the fact that whole wheat gives it a whole different and drier texture. Personally if I were to remake these, I'd just use normal flour and make smaller size cinnamon buns. They're tiny

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This recipe went wrong several different ways. The ice cream maker bowl wouldn't freeze, even after 48 hours in the freezer. And then the ice cream itself failed to freeze after eight hours in the freezer. It was still delicious, but delicious with the consistency of soft serve, rather than hard ice cream.

Basically, I made fro yo. With strawberries! Enjoy.


At some point, ice cream became designated as a summer treat - and I say, down with the discrimination! We should be free to have ice cream all year round! Don't let the ice cream fascists take away your fun.

Yield: I have no idea. A tupperware container full!

Total Time: About one hour of active time, two days of waiting


Ice Cream base

  • 2 Cans Full Fat Coconut Milk
  • 1 Tbls Maple Syrup
  • 1 C Cashews
  • 1 Tbls Cornstarch or Arrowroot Powder
  • Excess Liquid From Jam
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    I konw this post can't come close to as sweet as the one Anagha wrote this week. But I pinky promise, in addition to making up for last weeks missing post, I will also make up for Valentine's day. I know, I know... lots of promises but you don't mess with pinky promises!

    You knew this song was coming... don't lie. Just relish in the throwback and ketchup on some food blog reading ;)

    Since this past weekend was the SUPERBOWL I had this whole great plan on how I was going to post about what I made to eat then. But of course my inner Dory came out and I forgot to upload all the tantalizing pictures I took. A specific friend of mine, cough cough Breane, had requested the recipe so I TOTALLY apologize for my brain fart and promise I'll post it next week! But until then, you'll

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    I know. I know. The title and the song I'm telling you to listen while reading this post don't match, but I felt I needed to up my Drake game a bit. Plus, now every time I think of Drake, I picture him doing his little "dance" over and over again. It brings me a LOT of joy. I also love the SNL parody of it but that's not really relevant.

    First off, HAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY! I was not aware that this was an ACTUAL holiday but I'm not gonna complain. I firmly believe that everyday should be National Chocolate Cake Day! But hey, I'll take one day a year.

    Second, it's your lucky week! You get TWO whole posts from me! I've been sick since Sunday, so I've been vegetating on my couch, watching a few too many chick flicks, all whilst drinking the world's supply of

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