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So I was terribly sick last week whilst recovering from Coachella so I've decided to treat you guys with not one but TWO whole posts! I know right?! So awesome. You can thank me later. AND to make things better... instead of sharing just a single song... I'm going to gift you with a whole playlist of my favorite songs from Coachella!

So very typical of me, I didn't double check my flight timings when booking so I ended up flying out to LAX a whole 10 hours before the rest of my group. I decided to start the trip out right, eggs Benedict and a mimosa at the airport with a side of Gilmore Girls.

Usually 10 hours stranded at an airport is a bummer, but there are worse places to get stranded than LAX. It kind of ended up working out for me because I took my camera

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I'm sure most of y'all have been on a bar crawl - you have a list of bars, and you hit them up one after the other, sipping a little of this and a little of that at each one.

This is similar, but with FOOD. While you are certainly welcome bring booze into the mix, these are instructions for figuring out an all food crawl; it's an excellent way to explore a new city!

It's also a really good way to spend a couple of hours with friends without spending a ton of money; if you're on a budget, this is a great way to try lots of different food, and see quite a bit, without breaking the bank. We each paid for one entree at one place, and it came out perfectly for us!

First, you need a walkable city. I myself did this with my friends Eden

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So things have been a bit crazy for me over the last few weeks. I made my first solo move as an adult. I packed up my apartment in Sunnyvale and finally moved to San Francisco. If you're wondering why I picked this specific Van Morrison song, I felt like it was meant to be. The song Saint Dominic's Preview has a lot of references to the Saint Dominic's Church on the intersection of Bush and Steiner in San Francisco, literally a block from my new apartment. Everyday when I walk back from the bus stop after work, I pass by this gorgeous church and admire it. It just felt right to pick this song for the post. :)

However, if that song isn't your speed and you want something a little more sultry, try this one by Carmen McRae.

I've had a blast since moving out here. I get to

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I'm actually really torn on which song to treat you guys to this week. So I'm gonna let you guys choose! "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" OR "Cowboy Casanova," because who doesn't love Carrie Underwood. Both songs are great; one is filled with all sorts of very raunchy lyrics whereas the other is just Carrie Underwood badassery. Anyways... the choice is yours!

Choose wisely young padawan!

I hate buying special ingredients whenever I'm cooking. There are so many different varieties of food I love making and it makes no sense for me to maintain a kitchen stocked with ALL the ingredients for whenever I'd want to make any of these things. Usually when I post recipes, I try to use the ingredients I already have, can make substitutes, or keep the grocery shopping to a minimum. #LivinLaVidaLazy

I didn't have some of the specific ingredients so I used a

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Anyone who has had the honor of being in my presence this week knows that I've been playing one song on repeat. One song. All week. Why you may ask? DUH...BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING.

(Now's when you play this song and dance along while finishing to read this post.)

My brother was visiting me for a week and I quickly realized 1) apparently no one comes to work during the holidays in my office, meaning sub-par lunches and dinners all week and 2) I hadn't done groceries in weeks, meaning I didn't have anything to feed the kid while he was staying with me. Being the ever so responsible adult that I am, I decided that I could muster enough patience to cook lunches and dinners for my brother a few times, or at least while I was working from home. We braved it out to a farmers market and

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