Cooking In Pajamas


Here's a kinda funky song that I've been super into recently. Listen while you read! :) And yes I know I know my title font doesn't handle tilde's very well... I'll fix that soon.

So at my office we have this concept of GSD; Get Shit Done. Every Tuesday, all engineers have an event on their calendar that'll allow them to hopefully work quietly without any meetings or interruptions. This usually ends up meaning that almost all the engineers work from home that day. So, I'm usually happily working from home in my pajamas on Tuesdays. This ALSO means I tend to bake or cook on Tuesdays because I have more time at home.

This week I decided to make Jalapeño Cheddar Beer Bread! 1) It's cheesy, spicy, and delicious and 2) Turns out beer can replace yeast in a lot of ways, except it does leave it's taste behind... so

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