Cooking In Pajamas


I am something of a potato aficionado. I have eaten far more than my fair share of potato, roasted, baked, chipped, fried, stir fried, mashed - you name it, I have probably tried it. I love potatoes, and today I decided I wanted to eat potatoes for lunch, and this is what I came up with.

These are not especially nutritious, but they're not necessarily bad for you either. I would, however, recommend adding a vegetable or something somewhere on the plate. Or you could just eat potatoes for lunch. Nobody in this corner will judge you.

These potatoes are the easiest thing ever, and you have no reason not to make them. Go make them!

Easy Microwave Potatoes

These potatoes get a lot of flavor from the type of potato you use, so use your favorite. I used Idaho potatoes and really enjoyed them.

Yield: 1 bowl; 2 side

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Hey y'all, we're back! Sorry for the brief and awkward hiatus; it was certainly not our intention, and won't be happening again! Sumu was moving, and I was letting law school rain on my parade. But we're back now!

Sumu's all settled into her new apartment in the city, and while law school is still kicking my ass, I've decided to chill out. Law school itself was never the point, and forgetting that is the number one cause of stress for me.

So, we're kicking off our triumphant return with a throwback recipe. When I got to California to visit Sumu, we made fresh rolls. I'll be honest and say that I don't know the difference between a spring roll and a fresh roll. What I do know is that fresh rolls, full of bright, delicious veggies and sauces, feel like spring time to me.

This recipe is easily customizable,

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