Cooking In Pajamas


So I don't have a themed song for this week's post BUT I will leave you with my new obsession for the week. I love the original song by Zella Day but this mix is also amazing. Enjoy!

Ever since I was a kid, I was always that weird one who LOVED spinach. All my friends would fight and complain but I would ALWAYS ask for more. I know. I was that kid. I was also that kid who would happily drink a glass of plain milk every day. Anyways... I love spinach. Whenever I used to make omelets for my mom, she used to complain that she could never find the egg because I had overloaded it with so much spinach.

So when I was living alone in Sunnyvale, I decided one week I was going to be super healthy and make meals filled with tons of vegetables. Obviously,

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First of all, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights is one of my favorite movies. The music, the dancing, and let's not forget Diego Luna. In honor of Diego Luna and his amazing dancing, play the song below while you read this post. Now that you've set the mood, let's get started.

Having lived in Michigan most of my life, I've been used to eating sub par Mexican food and grew to love that. However last month when me and my family went to Cancun for a week, I knew I had been missing out on something big. The amazing flavors of corn tortillas, super flavorful meat (or beans for you vegetarians), fresh salsas and Crema Mexicana mesh together for a completely different experience of eating simple tacos. Now that I had officially been converted to a taco snob, I was determined to only eat the best of tacos I could find.

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